Cass Gardiner

Cass Gardiner is an Anishinaabe filmmaker, curator, and writer from Kebaowek First Nation. She produces and directs films, writes, and curates – usually about food.

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Claritas, velvet and wood from FLIGHTS & LANDINGS (installation view), 2016, TYPOLOGY Projects at Artscape Youngplace.

Shani K Parsons

Since the mid-90s, Shani K Parsons has pursued a multidisciplinary practice focused on exhibition-making — initially through the lenses of architecture, urban planning and public arts administration, then installation, graphic, and environmental design, and most recently through research, writing, curation, and collaboration. In the process she has produced an eclectic body of work ranging from intimate book works and publications to immersive installations and exhibitions for venues including the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Rhode Island School of Design and RISD Museum, the Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA NY), and Mixed Greens, a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea. After nearly a decade of living and working in New York, Shani moved toFind out more