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Living Data, Presumed Dead
August 5 – 31, 2022
Featuring artist L.M. Ramsey, curated by Karina Iskandarsjah

Co-presented with Trinity Square Video as part of their 2022 themed commission residency, Ecologies & Cosmologies

Opening Reception
Saturday, August 6, 2022

Living Data, Presumed Dead is an electronic theatre and mixed-media installation that examines the abstract space that stores trauma in the human brain. Click here for full program details.


Critical Distance Centre for Curators (CDCC) is a not-for-profit gallery, publisher, and professional network devoted to the support and advancement of curatorial inquiry in Toronto, Canada, and beyond.

With a focus on critically-engaged, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary practices, underrepresented artists and art forms, and community outreach and education in art and exhibition-making, Critical Distance is an open platform for diverse curatorial perspectives, and a forum for the exchange of ideas on curating and exhibition-making as ways to engage, inform, and connect people and publics across cultures, disciplines, geographies, and generations.

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Critical Distance
Suite 122
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Critical Distance is located on the ground floor at 401 Richmond, a wheelchair accessible building with a ramp at the Richmond Street doors, and an accessible washroom on every level. The gallery is equipped with automatic doors and access to exhibitions, artworks, publications, and events is prioritized from development through production for all programs.

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