Amin Alsaden

Amin Alsaden is a curator, scholar, and educator whose work focuses on transnational exchanges of ideas and expertise across cultural boundaries. He has extensive experience in the creation, development, and leadership of art and architecture exhibitions, academic, and design projects, for the public, education, and private sectors. His curatorial practice is committed to advancing social justice through the arts, and to disseminating inclusive narratives that expand existing canons and challenge hegemonic epistemological and power structures. He is particularly interested in how artists and architects ponder collective experiences in the public realm, level political and institutional critique, and envision novel spatial responses to questions of belonging, displacement, and exile. His research explores modern and contemporary art and architecture, particularly in the Global South, and often involves documenting endangered heritage and examining how precarious archives and scarce resources shape lopsided global narratives; he completed a doctoral dissertation that investigates how mid twentieth century Baghdad became a locus of unprecedented encounters, contributing to the profound transformation of art and architecture globally while engendering unique local movements. Alsaden holds graduate degrees from Harvard and Princeton, and has published and lectured widely.

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