Sara Maclean

Sara MacLean’s art practice flows from, through, and to the body. Working with embodied camera techniques alongside darkroom experiments, sculpture and set design, she creates subtly choreographed spaces that offer a physical encounter with her time-based media projections.

The work develops from observations of multiple and individual bodies in movement: from everyday quotidian actions to embodied responses to crisis. She enacts the impossibility of stillness, and considers the porous, slippery boundaries between our bodies, our surroundings, and each other. Dance, gesture, and material practice intermingle in an exploration of our shared physical experience in space and time.

Sara’s film and installation work has been exhibited at: International Film Festival Rotterdam; Anthology Film Archives; Exis Experimental Film & Video Festival, Seoul; Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, amongst others.

Image: Sara MacLean, CHROMO2 (installation view), 2015.

EXHIBITION: A Riveder le Stelle

January 22, 2015 - February 5, 2015

Taking its name from the final line of Dante’s Inferno (1314), A Riveder le Stelle, “to gaze once more upon the stars,” is conceived as a virtual conversation between two artists, separated by time, place, and practice, whose work nevertheless manifests striking formal and conceptual correspondences. Featuring a selection of painter Mary Hambleton, and a video installation by Sara MacLean, the exhibition is curated by Heather Nicol.

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