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Join us for an online panel discussion with the artists and curators of The Equivalence of Alloyed Gold on November 26th at 2pm EST.

Artists Ashna Jacob, Andy Slater, Dayna Danger, Tamyka Bullen, Stephanie E. Creaghan, Aislinn Thomas, Gillian Dykeman, Chandra Melting Tallow and Anne Macmillan will introduce their artworks in the exhibition, and curators Megan Gnanasihamany and Morgan Melenka will moderate a conversation around the structure of the exhibition, touching on themes of collaboration, trust, and access.

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Adrià Julià will be joined by curator Noa Bronstein for a discussion into his ongoing interest in the parallel and overlapping histories of film production and popcorn consumption. Using an historical perspective with the language of cinema, Julià encourages a critical look at the impact of history and culture on food and images and how these inform our understanding of the world around us.

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The Penitential Tyrant: Dolores Is Pain
Conceived by Adrià Julià
Written by Débora Antscherl and Adrià Julià
Performed by Stephen Park

Date: September 16, 7pm
Location: Art Gallery of Ontario – Jackman Hall
Free Admission – Register here

Offering a meditation on the history of production, consumption and expansion of popcorn in modern colonial history, The Penitential Tyrant: Dolores Is Pain reflects on the historical and socioeconomic intricacies of the global corn industry and its relationship to Mexican culture and the popularization of popcorn in the United States after the Great Depression, especially in regards to popcorn’s connection to cinema.

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