Safia Siad

Safia Siad is a curator and DJ. She is currently a graduate student in the department of Art History at Concordia University and works with the Afrosonic Innovation Lab.  

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Renee Gladman

Renee Gladman is a writer and artist preoccupied with crossings, thresholds, and geographies as they play out at the intersections of poetry, prose, drawing and architecture.

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Rashid Zakat

Rashid Zakat is a professional filmmaker and video artist based in Philadelphia. He uses video, photography, design, audio and the web to encourage people to find as much beauty, joy and wonder as possible.

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Adee Roberson

Adee Roberson is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is a meditation on symbolism and texture. Synthesizing performance and installation, her work melds vibration and technicolor visions through paintings, video, and melodic compositions.

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A Big Heritage With a Glorious Past

A Big Heritage With a Glorious PastExhibition Catalogue  Curator: ma ma (Magdalyn Asimakis and Heather Rigg)Artists: Eleana Antonaki, and Marina Xenofontos Softcover, 6″x 9″2020 Description: A Big Heritage with A Glorious Past presents the work of Eleana Antonaki and Marina Xenofontos in an inconclusive dialogue around the migratory experience. In their practices, both artists explore transnational feminist perspectives, honing in on the adversities of migration and strategies of settling and creating homes while in exile.  Antonaki’s film Haunting Is An Act of Love (2019) takes place in the distant future where women’s bodies have evolved so drastically to adapt to migration that they have become water. The video functions as a portrait of a woman, a block of water, who tells her story. Her nameFind out more