Upcoming:THROUGH LINESSeptember 13-November 25, 2018


September 13-November 25, 2018

Lise Beaudry, Scott Benesiinaabansan, Michèle Pearson Clarke, Leila Fatemi, Maria Hupfield, Raafia Jessa and Nadia Myre. Curated by Noa Bronstein.

SEPTEMBER 13–NOVEMBER 25, 2018 | Opening reception Thursday, September 13th, from 6–9 pm

In partnership with Koffler Gallery, Critical Distance is pleased to present Through lines, an exhibition that brings together works of seven artists that challenge notions of redaction, tackling its typical devices of shredding, blacking out, editing, and covering up. Each featured project engages a restorative gesture that speaks to the ways in which history and memory are conceptualized within a contemporary context. Rather than considering redaction simply as a bureaucratic tool or an outcome of state control, these specific approaches enable new forms of knowledge production and remembering, both politically and personally. Contemplating alternative legibilities that might emerge through redaction, the exhibition highlights the spaces of inquiry revealed through acts of obstruction.

Featuring redact photographs, video elegy, and beaded archival piece, each of the multi-layered projects in the exhibition challenges assumptions and easy readings of images, documents and texts. Honing these parallel perspectives, Through lines points to the spaces in-between, where the hidden and obscured becomes as significant as the visible.

Through lines is presented across several locations at Artscape Youngplace: Koffler Gallery (1st floor), Critical Distance (3rd floor), and the outdoor Billboard on Shaw Street.