PUBLIC ART: Billboard on Shaw by Yelaine Rodriguez

April 22, 2022 - June 5, 2022

Billboard on Shaw presented by Critical Distance, featuring EBBÓ (Sacrifice): Orula, The Witness, by Yelaine Rodriguez, 2021.

This public installation is presented in conjunction with OF THE SACRED, a Core Exhibition at the 2022 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, curated by Curated by Noor Alé and Claudia Mattos (AXIS Curatorial).

The billboard features the work of Yelaine Rodriguez. Yelaine is an Afro-Dominican artist who looks to the syncretism of Afro-Caribbean belief systems—including Voodoo and Santeria—originating in the Yoruban faith, a religion brought to the Caribbean from West Africa as a result of the transatlantic slave trade. The artist stages and photographs scenes in which individuals outfitted in lushly patterned and textured costumes—of the artist’s own design—are depicted in tableau-style settings as the deities from these various faiths. These scenes are printed onto textiles with ornate, decorative elements to create religious tapestries. These works pay reverence to these deities while challenging the often Eurocentric assumptions made of Afro-Caribbean religions.

About the Curator(s)

AXIS Curatorial

AXIS is a socially-engaged curatorial collaborative composed of Noor Alé and Claudia Mattos. In their joint curatorial practice, Alé and Mattos are committed to producing exhibitions, projects, and screenings of contemporary art that respond to the pressing social, cultural, and political conditions of our time.

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About the Artists

Yelaine Rodriguez

Born in 1990 in the Bronx, where she lives and works today, Yelaine Rodriguez is an Afro-Dominican United Statesian artist, educator, curator, and cultural organizer. Rodriguez conceptualizes wearable art, sculptures, and site-specific installations drawing connections between Black cultures in the Caribbean and the United States captured through photography and video documentation.

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