Kate Whiteway

Kate Whiteway is an independent curator from Saskatoon living in Toronto. Her most recent exhibition, In the Rough (The Plumb, Toronto, 2021), explored the healing crystal industry and its imbrication with theosophical symbolism, medical technology and labour organizing in the 20th century. Her curatorial projects look at the materialist and mythological lives of commodities, including crystals, flowers, and cosmetics.

Kate holds a Master of Curatorial Studies from the University of Toronto and is the recipient of the 2018 Reesa Greenberg Curatorial Studies Award and the 2020 C Magazine New Critics Award. She participated in the 2020 Momus Emerging Critics Residency and has recently been published in The Journal of Curatorial Studies and C Magazine. Upcoming texts look at the contemporary cut flower industry (published with Carmel Floral) and the miasmatic theory of contagion and its effect on 20th-century modernist architecture (published with The Power Plant).
Previous exhibitions include In & Out of Saskatchewan (Art Museum at the University of Toronto, 2019), Whispers That Got Away (SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2018), and A Glass House Should Hold No Terrors (2016), both co-curated with the collective Atelier Céladon. Kate is a current member of L’Union des Refusés organized by Arts of the Working Class and a volunteer with the Toronto Workers’ History Project, recording the oral histories of key labour organizers in Toronto. She currently works as a transcription editor for Momus and is creating digital archives for artists and curators in Toronto dating from the 1970s to the present.