Mary Hambleton

Mary Hambleton (1952–2009) was a Brooklyn-based artist who exhibited her work in the US and abroad at venues including Leslie Heller Gallery, Littlejohn Contemporary, and Pamela Auchincloss Gallery (New York), and the Machida City Museum (Tokyo). Her many honours include the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial, Adolph Esther Gottlieb Foundation, and two Pollock-Krasner awards.

Hambleton’s long-standing interest in scientific observation, from astrology to biology, was expressed through the language of painterly abstraction over her lifetime. Diagnosed with advanced melanoma in 2002, she defied the odds, living another seven full, if challenging, years. After the onset of her illness she slowly began to include images of extinct species, arcane scientific mythologies, and then, later, medical scans of her body. She died in New York in 2009.

Image: Mary Hambleton, Untitled, 2008, collage with polymer, oil and alkyd on panel, 21.5×29.5×1.5 in.

EXHIBITION: A Riveder le Stelle

January 22, 2015 - February 5, 2015

Taking its name from the final line of Dante’s Inferno (1314), A Riveder le Stelle, “to gaze once more upon the stars,” is conceived as a virtual conversation between two artists, separated by time, place, and practice, whose work nevertheless manifests striking formal and conceptual correspondences. Featuring a selection of painter Mary Hambleton, and a video installation by Sara MacLean, the exhibition is curated by Heather Nicol.

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