Mary Grisey

Mary Grisey is a textile installation artist and psychic medium based in Los Angeles. She has exhibited her work across the United States and Canada including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Quebec. Her art practice bridges the connection between the physical and the metaphysical and utilizes her psychic downloads as direct inspiration for her work.

She was recently awarded the Windgate full fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center for the Spring of 2016. Select solo exhibitions include Of Becoming at York University (2014), Sung From the Mouth of Cumae at The Art Gallery of Mississauga (2015) and Cloth Dripping at Xpace Gallery (2016). Select group exhibitions include Refined Linen at Katzman Contemporary (2014), Long Winter at The Great Hall (2015) and Escape Plans at YTB Gallery (2015).

Image: Mary Grisey, Remains of the Ephemeral I-IV, 2014. Cheesecloth, silk, cotton, sisal, unspun wool, horsehair, coyote fur, rubberlatex, black tea, dye, rusted steel. 24″ x 6″ (I), 30″ x 5″ (II), 22″ x 6″ (III), 32″ x 6″ (IV).


January 14, 2016 - February 29, 2016

Exploring the spaces between states of being, the exhibition traces the cyclical and vernacular places between appearance and disappearance, presence and absence, construction and deconstruction. Each work questions the currency of permanence. Moving between and within, a new kind of relic is realized, one that is both past and present, confined only to the metamorphic. Featuring works by Mary Grisey,  Faye Mullen, Jérôme Nadeau, and Deborah Wang. Curated by Noa Bronstein.

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