Exhibition Catalogue

Artist: Cathryn Miller

64 pages, softcover, 6 x 9 inches

A catalogue that features artwork and exhibition images, a curatorial essay, and artist Q+A.
Exhibition catalogue for Elemental, a solo exhibition featuring unique and editioned book works by Saskatchewan artist Cathryn Miller. Ranging from tiny folded paper projects to a new wall-sized composition, the thoughtfully conceived and often laboriously crafted works in the show represent a sustained investigation of manifold worlds, encompassing both the inner/outer, micro/macro, and meta/physical dimensions. In distilling her findings into the personal, poetic, and often playful objects on view, Miller’s observations and life experiences are made exquisitely manifest in the tactile materials, sequential structures, and storied logic of both traditional and invented or altered book forms.

ISBN 978-0-99-211373-5


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