A Riveder le Stelle

A Riveder le Stelle
Exhibition Catalogue

Curator: Heather Nicol
Artists: Mary Hambleton, Sara MacLean

Genre: Exhibition catalogue
76 pages, softcover, 6″ x 9″

Produced in conjunction with A Riveder le Stelle, curated by interdisciplinary artist and independent curator Heather Nicol and featuring a selection of rarely seen works on paper by the late New York painter Mary Hambleton and a video installation by Toronto artist Sara MacLean.

Taking its name from the final line of Dante’s Inferno (1314), A Riveder le Stelle, “to gaze once more upon the stars,” is conceived as a virtual conversation between two artists, separated by time, place, and practice, whose work nevertheless manifests striking formal and conceptual correspondences. Among the many such convergences are a mutual interest in the body, the scientific gaze (particularly as it relates to diagnostic medicine), relationships between the infinitesimal and the celestial, and the sense of wonder such scrutiny engenders.

The catalogue contains a Director’s Foreword, Curator’s Introduction, and four texts in the form of real and imagined conversations or correspondences: between Heather Nicol and Mary Hambleton, between two works of art, between Nicol and Sara MacLean, and between MacLean and Hambleton. An exhibition checklist, images of all of the works in the exhibition, and artist/curator bios are also included.

ISBN 978-0-99-211375-9


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