The Mastication of Alina Szapocznikow (Ecstatic Essays No. 04)

Artist: Jenine Marsh28 pages, saddle-stitched, risograph pamphlet, 5 x 7 inchesBlank Cheque Press, July 2018 Printed by Colour Code. Description: “Fingers reach between her lips, search for and pinch on the wet, slippery thing. Between thumb and index finger, she pulls it out and looks at it: indentations and protrusions, imperfect casts of her molars, the texture of her tongue and the roof of her mouth caught in a fluid animation, smeared with saliva, blurred with softness. A thing of coincidence, a near-perfect sculpture.” Ecstatic Essays is a series of pamphlets presenting nuanced opinions on popular icons in arts & culture. About the Artist: Jenine Marsh (b. 1984) is an artist based in Toronto. She has exhibited her work widely, notably at GianniFind out more

Slow Scrape

Artist: Tanya Lukin Linklater108 pages interior printed 1 colour risograph (blue), 6.5 x 9.25 inchesPublished by The Centre for Expanded Poetics and Anteism, Montréal, 2020Edition of 250 Introduction by Layli Long Soldier Dialogue between Lukin Linklater and editor Michael Nardone Series Editors Nathan Brown and Michael Nardone Design & Layout by LOKI Description:Slow Scrape is, in the words of Layli Long Soldier, “an expansive and undulating meditation on time, relations, origin and colonization.” Lukin Linklater draws upon documentary poetics, concrete-based installations, event scores, and other texts composed in relation to performances written between 2011 and 2018. The book cites memory, Cree and Alutiiq languages, and embodiment as modes of relational being and knowledge. The book unfolds a poetics of relation and action toFind out more

Filling Station Issue 76: Into the afterlife of this touch

92 pages paperback magazine, 10.71 x 8.31 inchesPublished by Filling Station, 2021 Guest edited by Canisia Lubrin Description:This issue features work from some of the best BIPOC writers and artists working in experimental forms. Including work by: Terese Mason Pierre, David Bradford, John R. Lee, Moni Brar, Larissa Lai, Sarah Lachmansingh, Hari Alluri, Kendel Hippolyte, Akshat Khare, Tiffany Morris, Subhanya Sivajothy, Jane King, Mervyn Seivwright, Sheung-King, Rachel Lachmansingh, Irfan Ali, Marshall Hill, Kate Foster, Trynne Delaney, Lauren B. Sanchez, Ernst Perdriel, Angelo Santos, Kim Spencer, Christina Sharpe, Khashayar Mohammadi, and Hannah Somers. Cover art by QRCKY Art. About the Publisher:filling Station Magazine is a literary and arts magazine publishing innovative poetry, fiction, non-fiction (creative non-fiction, reviews, articles, interviews, live event reviews, photoFind out more

A Haphazard Handbook of Artists & Organizers Across Chinatowns

92 pages first paperback, 8.39 x 5.35 inchesa Tea Base project, Published in Mohkinstsis / Kootsisawa / Wincheesh-pah / Calgary AB, Canada by Yorkless Press, August 2021First Edition Facilitated by Christina Battle. Illustrations by Christie Carrière, Enna Kim, Vanessa Grondin, and Céline Chuang. Designed by Christie Carrière and edited by Florence Yee. Description:A Haphazard Handbook of Artists & Organizers across Chinatowns is a publication of 92 pages, composed of essays and conversations between six collectives of community-based artists and grassroots organizers working in/around their city’s Chinatown. We invited members from aiya哎呀 (Amiskwacîwâskahikan/Edmonton), the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown (Vancouver), Tea Parlour (Mohkínstsis/Calgary), Friends of Chinatown Toronto (Tkaronto/Toronto), Possible Worlds (Ottawa) and the Chinatown Working Group (Tio’tia:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal), as well as a personal essayFind out more