A Big Heritage With a Glorious Past

A Big Heritage With a Glorious PastExhibition Catalogue  Curator: ma ma (Magdalyn Asimakis and Heather Rigg)Artists: Eleana Antonaki, and Marina Xenofontos Softcover, 6″x 9″2020 Description: A Big Heritage with A Glorious Past presents the work of Eleana Antonaki and Marina Xenofontos in an inconclusive dialogue around the migratory experience. In their practices, both artists explore transnational feminist perspectives, honing in on the adversities of migration and strategies of settling and creating homes while in exile.  Antonaki’s film Haunting Is An Act of Love (2019) takes place in the distant future where women’s bodies have evolved so drastically to adapt to migration that they have become water. The video functions as a portrait of a woman, a block of water, who tells her story. Her nameFind out more

… move or be moved by some ‘thing’ rather than oneself.

An exhibition catalogue produced in conjunction with the exhibition …move or be moved by some thing rather than oneself, that took place at Critical Distance Gallery in 2017. This text examines the intersections between methods of creation and reflection particular to curatorial and choreographic spheres. As part of the ongoing discussion on dance in the museum, this exhibition responds specifically by disengaging from the danced gesture. It gathers artists who, on the one hand, borrow from curatorial and choreographic methodologies; and who, on the other hand, transform the multiple spaces (physical, virtual, social, political, historical, etc.) and temporalities of the gallery.

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Script, Stage, Screen | Ciprian Muresan

Script, Stage, Screen | Ciprian Muresan Exhibition Catalogue Artist: Ciprian Muresan 31 pages, softcover, 6 x 9 in. ISBN 978-0-99-599821-6 Description: Exhibition catalogue curated by Oana Tanase, featuring work by Ciprian Muresan. Through the use of puppetry, Ciprian Mureșan engages performative modes of writing, enacting, and visualizing both the absurd and the whimsical, bringing viewers into surprising and intimate discourse with crucial themes of our times. Whether performing the scripts of influential playwrights such as Saviana Stănescu (Dog Luv, 2009) or generating new texts (I’m Protesting Against Myself, 2011, in collaboration with Gianina Cărbunariu, or Untitled, 2015, with members of the community), Mureșan’s projects speak to ideals of collective intelligence even as they concede the continuing failure of true communality. The audience is challenged not only to reflect upon themesFind out more