Sculpting Cinema

Sculpting Cinema documents the intersections of sculpture, architecture, performance, installation art, and expanded cinema within contemporary Canadian art. Through seven pieces of writing and two artists’ projects, a selection of scholars and creatives from across the country have explored the ways that cinema flows off the screen and into physical space. The book embodies this thematic content through a creative design, making it an attractive collectors’ object and critical discourse simultaneously. The written texts conceptualized artworks by Christina Battle (London, ON), Shary Boyle (Toronto), Thomas Evans & Jonathan Mandeville (Halifax), David Hoffos (Lethbridge), Donald Lawrence (Kamloops), Alexandre Larose (Montreal), Kristie MacDonald (Toronto), Andrew John Milne (Winnipeg), Solomon Nagler, and Charles Stankievech (Toronto), while the artistic projects embodied Pierre Hebért andFind out more

Maake Magazine Issue 5

Editor: Yevgeniya Baras Contributors:  Gaku Tsutaja, Dan Bainbridge, Jim Shrosbree, Erin Lee Jones, Mike Olin, Zuriel Waters, Polina Barskaya, Sue Havens, Danielle Orchard, Sacha Ingber, Gracelee Lawrence, Max Maslansky, Nat Meade, Jackie Tileston, Kari Cholnoky, Howard Fonda, Avital Burg, Helen O’Leary and Ryan Richey. 68 pages, full colour, 2017. Description: Issue 5 of Maake Magazine, curated by Yevgeniya Baras, Regina Rex, NYC. With 20 featured artists, 3 Artist-Run features and full-length interviews, including 2 full-length interviews in the Conversations section.Find out more

Maake Magazine Issue 6

Editor: Holly Coulis Contributors: Paul Rouphail, Misyuta Aksiniya, Paolo Arao, Sean Downey, Christopher Saunders, Joy Garnett, Philip Hinge, Lumin Wakoa, Tessa Perutz, Clinton King, Erin O’Brien, Sangram Majumdar, Claire Colette, Pete Schulte, Heather Merckle, Matt Kleberg, and Mike Linskie, Paul Chidester, and Tamara Gonzales. 80 pages, full colour Description: Issue 6 of Maake Magazine, curated by Holly Coulis. With 20 featured artists, 3 Artist-Run features and full-length interviews, including two full-length interviews in the Conversations and Maake & Co. sections.Find out more