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Tessar Lo, a past-present version through rose-coloured lenses, 5x6’, 1.52x 1.83m, mixed media and collage on canvas, 2017.

Tessar Lo Artist

Tessar lo is always searching, driven by a desire to work freely, outside the boundaries of convention. As he reaches with an open heart toward that mysterious place where dream-reality and waking-reality merge, his motives are perpetually evolving. Continue reading

Last Update:September 13, 2018

In House 2017: Art Show + Silent Auction to Benefit Paperhouse Studio

Paperhouse Studio presents

A Benefit Art Show for Paperhouse Studio | February 24–28, 2017.
Yael Brotman, Melanie Chikofsky, Doug Guildford, Tessar Lo, Tim Manalo, Roula Partheniou, Meghan Price, and Natalie Wood, curated by Sonya Filman

Critical Distance is pleased to host the second annual In House Benefit Art Show for Paperhouse Studio. For 2017, Paperhouse has collaborated with eight emerging and established artists to create new work exploring contemporary approaches to working with handmade paper. These artists, whose practices feature an emphasis on materiality and process, took to working with handmade paper in a myriad of different ways. The resulting works highlight strong interconnections between notions of labour and temporality, contextualized in relation to personal histories, geologic time, and commonplace objects.

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