Leif Low-Beer

Leif Low-Beer is an artist who engages in a playful reordering of ideas, images, and expectations through the use of constructed, multipart, and/or recombined compositions of drawings, collages, assemblages, and sculptural tableaux.

Evincing a keen interest in the mark of the hand, the relationships between objects in space, and the active engagement of the viewer, Low-Beer’s work is an exploration of psycho-spatial potential, graphing social tensions and internal enigmas that often exist as an underlying narrative layer. However, the artist seeks to transcend fixed ideas or story lines in his work, preferring to create opportunities for meaning that can evolve and expand over time.

Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Leif Low-Beer grew up in Toronto and attended Guelph University (ON), then the School of Visual Art (NY), garnering degrees in philosophy, visual art, and design. His sculptures and drawings have been shown in solo shows at Buffalo Arts Studio (Buffalo, NY), Beginnings  (Brooklyn, NY), Okay Mountain (Austin, TX), and Wild Project (New York, NY). A large-scale installation at Socrates Sculpture Park (Queens, NY) was part of the VISTA exhibition in 2011. THE ORDER OF THINGS is Low-Beer’s first solo show in Canada.