Ileana Hernandez Camacho

Ileana Hernandez Camacho is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist whose artistic practice explores themes related to femininity, nature, vulnerability and the fragility of being. For several years, she has been working with camouflage as the foundation of her artistic research. She is interested in camouflage as survival and as a practice that allows her to analyze the dynamics of interaction, issues of power in society, social norms and humanity’s insensitivity to the environment. Using paper and textiles as extensions of her body, Hernandez Camacho builds fictional characters and surreal images to explore different types of human interactions. Through mediums like performance, installation, video, sound and collage, she invents environments where these characters can live and develop.

Hernandez Camacho is co-founder of the artistic duo ¡A MANO!, and her solo work has been exhibited in Canada, Cuba, Argentina, Finland and Mexico. She holds a BFA with a major in Studio Arts from Concordia University (2014) and she has been an artist-in-residence at Laval’s Verticale centre d’artistes and at L’Écrin as part of Montreal’s Festival des arts imprimés.

EXHIBITION: Groundwork

May 10, 2021 - August 15, 2021

***Dates subject to provincial guidelines; exhibition will run for a minimum of 6 weeks. Visits are by appointment only. Stay tuned as we confirm scheduling and appointment details following Artscape Youngplace protocols.***

Artists: Alana Bartol, Ileana Hernandez Camacho, Tsēmā Igharas
Curator: Valérie Frappier


The term “extractivism” simultaneously evokes a physical process as well as a mindset, implying a forceful removal and subsequent severing of relations. By intersecting strands of ecology, geology, and performance theory, Groundwork examines how land-based actions can challenge the colonial-capitalist framework of extractivism.

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