Critical Distance Centre for Curators (CDCC) provides opportunities for curators and artists to mount fully realized exhibitions within a critical framework. Through a wide-ranging annual program of exhibitions and projects supported by the production of original publications, editions, and events, CDCC is an open platform for diverse curatorial practices and perspectives, and a forum for the exchange of ideas on curating and exhibition-making as a way to engage and inform audiences from all walks of life.


Our registry contains profiles of curators and artists who have presented exhibitions or events in our space, participated in our program offsite or online, or submitted work or proposals for consideration. As the registry grows it will become a new online resource for organizations, critics, curators, and colleagues seeking work and opportunities for publication, exhibition, and collaboration.


Curatorial Proposals and Artist Submissions
Curators and Artists are invited to submit proposals and portfolios for possible inclusion in CDCC’s yearly program of exhibitions and events. Exhibitions and projects are supported and promoted through the design, production, and distribution of announcements, press releases, brochures and/or limited edition catalogues, and the programming of related events throughout the exhibition/event run. Installation assistance, documentation, and insurance will also be provided. A reasonable budget for curator/artist remuneration and other expenses will be developed on a case-by-case basis.

Curatorial Residency, Internships, and Volunteering
More information to come.

Summer Sessions
CDCC Summer Sessions were launched in August 2016 to support emerging artists and curators. Through this program, we make space and staffing support available to graduates of local and regional colleges and universities to present their thesis exhibitions in downtown Toronto.

Billboard on Shaw
In partnership with Artscape Youngplace, we are providing opportunities for curators and artists to propose large format artworks for the freestanding mural/billboard outside our building on Shaw Street. Submission guidelines to come.


The CDCC Shop is currently stocked with a selection of artist’s publications and multiples, exhibition catalogues, limited edition prints, periodicals, and more. We’ll be adding lots of new stuff and relaunching our online store in the next few months — stay tuned!